Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a great gift for mom instead of traditional flowers? We have put together a list of unique gift ideas she will be sure to love!

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Nora Fleming tableware and attachments

Nora Fleming is a top seller for us. These melamine pieces make a great gift because they are durable and you can switch out the attachments for different seasons and occasions. We have so many to choose from! These are also great because you can start a collection and add more for different holidays making it an easy gift for later

Tyler Candles and Detergent

Tyler is a fan favorite and is very well known amongst the Vivian O'Nay crowd. We have a great set in stock right now in our most popular Diva scent with a room refresher spray, candle, and small detergent.

eNewton Bracelets

This is our most recently popular jewelry line. It is super light weight and durable. Our ladies love it because it is swim, sweat, and shower proof. These also are great to stack and collect.

Ronaldo Bracelets

Ronaldo always makes a great gift because each bracelet has its own unique meaning. This shows you really put a lot of thought into what the perfect gift for her is. These are made out of artist wire and a lot of people wear more than one so it makes another great easy option to add on to in the future.

Bogg Bags

Bogg bags have been on almost every womans wish list this year! If the mom in your life doesn't have one this is a gift that will be sure to impress her. The brand is very well known for being large and perfect for the beach and lake.

Versa Totes

Similar to the Bogg Bag, these are on the uprise in popularity. They are easy to clean and have interchangeable straps. They are currently Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off so it makes them a great gift if you have more than one person to buy for. Versa Totes also make great work and beach bags!

Engraved Items

We have an in house engraver which only takes a few minutes. Recipe boxes and cutting boards are our top picks for mom. This is a super easy thoughtful gift to grab! The machine can only do the items which come from the brand but we have a lot to choose from.

Gift Cards When in doubt- grab a gift card! Chances are your mom already shops at Vivian O'Nay. Letting her choose something she's been eying for herself is always a good idea.


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